Enid Blyton

In literacy we have been developing the skills to make notes when researching and to be able to put those notes under certain headings to help us organise them. We had to really unpick what a note was, we are so good at writing full sentences this felt a little tricky to write in notes today ! We researched all about Enid Blyton, the well known author of our text, The Magic Faraway Tree. We then made notes in our research book and transferred them to post it notes.

We will use these notes this week to help us write a non-chronological report all about Enid Blyton and her life story. Here are some examples of our notes. Well done Year 3.

Water Cycle Blog Challenge!

Here’s your challenge year 3 -who can remember the different stages of the water cycle? comment on the Padlet below there will be an extra prize if you can even put it in the right order!

Here’s some deeper thinking for you …..What if we didn’t have Rivers ? What would happen to the water cycle? comment with your ideas below.

Made with Padlet

Spreading a little Kindness

Year three added their own what is it to be kind statements to our kindness tree today. We had a really good lesson talking about all the different ways you can be kind in school and our community. Well done Year 3 I will be watching out for all those things we talked about and handing out extra Dojos !