Fabulous Friday 

Year three have been busy stretching their empathy and listening muscle when exploring a dilemma in our story. We used the conscience alley technique to help us choose the best way to resolve the dilemma. 

We have also been busy in maths stretching our perserverance muscle to work out some addition and subtraction calculations. 

The Magic Faraway Tree 

Year 3 have been exploring dialogue today. We have been collaborating to decide what the characters might do and say next in the Land of spells. We have also been stretching our noticing muscle to use inverted commas to accurately indicate when the characters are speaking. 

We also banned the word said ! Can you remember any synonyms for said ? 

Science in the sun 

Year 3 have been investigating how friction works on a force. We tested a toy car on different surfaces to find out the effects it had on the car and which surfaces caused the most and least friction.  We tested our cars on the classroom carpet and then we had fun in the sun testing other surfaces. We had some surprising results ! 

Exploring 10 more or 10 less than a given number. 

Year 3 have worked hard today to apply their learning when finding 10 more or 10 less than a number. 

What patterns do you notice with 10 more or 10 less? Have a go at home make your own 2 or 3 digit number and find 10 more or 10 less. Bring it in to show me for extra Dojo’s!